Lakpura, meaning the ‘Whole of Sri Lanka’ pays homage to the resplendent Island that is Sri Lanka. Our own journey began in 2008 and ever since then, we’ve been creating memorable adventures and vibrant encounters for travellers to Sri Lanka with an eye of detail and an insightful approach that is best fitted in crafting tailor-made packages. Accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka, we specialize in fields such as; Hospitality, Tourism, Transport, Wellness, Safari, Wildlife, Bird Watching and Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka. We’ve had a lot of fun organizing local Sightseeing Day Tours, Adventure Tours and Themed Tours.

Sri Lanka

This resplendent island is blessed with a unique mix of climes, land and seascapes. Throughout history, Sri Lanka bore many names; Taprobane, Serendib and Ceylon. Travelers like Marco Polo and Vasco da Gama have recounted tales of mystery, advanced hydraulic techniques in agriculture, scintillating natural beauty and a people who seemed to lead fulfilling lives amidst an abundance of natural resources. With a long-documented history that spans across centuries, Sri Lanka’s rich history is filled with romantic adventures, tales of an advanced civilization and the true flavors of an island nation that accommodated both welcome and unwelcome guests who influenced its culture, architecture, cuisine and the way of life itself.

Why Sri Lanka?


Visit world heritage sites in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla to soak up the ancient vibes of a glorious hydraulic civilization.


Visit the multitude of wildlife sanctuaries and tropical rainforests to gaze at the abundance of wild animals, birds, and serpents that roam these areas free.


Sri Lanka’s southern, eastern and northern coasts are rife with beautiful beach towns and villages where golden tinged sand and turquoise waters usher visitors into a blissful way of life.

Hiking & Adventure

The green plateaus of Horton Plains, the mountainous terrains of the Knuckles range and a multitude of other mountains and beautiful terrains provide ample ground for hiking and trekking with brief interludes of obscure hamlets and ancient ruins.
Sri Lanka’s abundance of water ways including the Indian Ocean and varied landscape full of vegetation let visitors indulge in their adventurous spirit with plenty of opportunities for white water rafting, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, Kite surfing, camping and balloon travels.


Colombo Golf club and the Victoria Golf club in Nuwara Eliya let guests enjoy golfing rounds in extensive green-escapes surrounded by luxury and refinement.


A holiday in Sri Lanka is also an opportunity to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Buy exquisite crafts from local artisans, authentic Sri Lankan gems and beautifully sculpted jewelry, picturesque handloom and batik clothing items, high quality tea and flavored tea and dainty gift items.

Lakpura LLC

What we do

Armed with ample firsthand experience and careful analysis of those experiences to build a mine of information and resources, we specialize in organizing Bespoke tours, Destination weddings, Group tours, MICE, Beach stays and Adventure & Eco tourism. Our tailor-made itineraries are custom built to make sure that each and every one of our clients encounters a memorable holiday during their stay in resplendent Sri Lanka. Our multi lingual tour guides are conversant in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Our Team

Team Lakpura is complete with people who love travel and ultimately that is what keeps us going. We care deeply about professionalism and providing our clients with the best possible service and we like to have fun while doing so. We’ve put a lot of work into figuring out where we are going and invariably the whole team is passionate about the journey of Lakpura. Our team comprise of qualified individuals best suited to work in the travel industry.

Our Tour Guides

Our Tour Guides are trained and certified by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is the sole authority sanctioned to issue the National Tour Guide License. Licenses are awarded to the successful participants following a fulltime intensive training course in geography, history, archaeology, culture, nature and wildlife and Buddhism in Sri Lanka running for 4 months and examination. Therefore, our tour guides are well trained in the art of providing discreet assistance and information to our clients. Moreover, they are fluent in numerous languages including French, German, Chinese and Italian rendering them invaluable assistants in your journey through the paradise isle.

What We Offer

Bespoke Tours

Whether you want to surf the tempting waves of Arugambay, snorkel and look for effervescent sea creatures, brave the hilly terrains on your foot, kayak the turquoise waters that surround the island, or explore wildlife up close and personal, we can help you plan your own dream holiday. Our intimate knowledge of the island and our extensive network of contacts make planning and arranging bespoke tours for our guests as easy as a cakewalk.

Destination weddings

You can make your special day, a day to remember fondly for the beautiful hues of nature, the sounds of murmuring seas and light laughter and the unique flavor of Sri Lanka with our destination wedding packages.

Group Tours

Whether you like an adventurous exploration of the island with a close-knit group of friends and endless free time or you prefer a grand scale, luxurious tour filled with amazing photo ops and shopping sprees, we have ample experience in organizing both kinds and a wealth of information on places, people and events to make your group tour a memorable experience.


Our team can take charge of your VIPs and manage your conference or event down to the last detail without the slightest inconvenience to you. Simply communicate the extent of services that you require and we can take charge of managing hotel accommodation, event logistics, personalized services, onsite management, outdoor activities and even creative theme events on your behalf.

Beach Stay

Looking to escape the cold winter to enjoy balmy days under the sun, listening to the soothing murmurs of the salty sensual sea? We can take care of the logistics of your beach stay whether you want to lounge in the sun, sipping a fruit cocktail or a cool beer, brave the majestic waves of Arugambay or sail the sea waters of Kalpitiya to greet Dolphins and Whales. From peaceful, sandy coves to upscale beach resorts and sleepy villages that still retain the authentic flavor of small fishing communities, Sri Lanka can offer you the best of beach holidays.

Adventure and Eco Tourism

We can help you explore Sri Lanka’s inimitable flora and fauna with our tailor-made wildlife holiday packages. Watching a proud leopard saunter in front of you or a dolphin’s athletic jump can be momentous experiences. Our stock of wildlife experiences includes safaris deep into sanctuaries, getting up close with baby elephants in orphanages and watching majestic sea creatures at their mightiest.  Sri Lanka’s waterways and deep forests offer many opportunities to embrace the thrill of surfing, scuba diving, water rafting, camping, trekking and mountain climbing.

Why Travel With Lakpura

Designed for you

We are in our element when we design tailor-made tour packages because we relate to your thirst for adventure and desire to add your own signature mark to your journey. We design our trips around your own interests and schedule, ensuring that you experience a journey as distinctive as you are as a person. We give prominence to client servicing and before we set about organizing your holiday package, we take into account your wishes and your budget. Our extensive experience and resourcefulness come in handy when we organize tours and facilities designed to suit each group or individual traveller.

Lakpura signature services

Our travel specialists constantly travel the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, exploring every nook and corner of this treasure trove and discovering new adventures. This is our secret and this is what will make your journey with us worth your while.

Whether you like to spend your vacation at a leisurely pace, soaking up sunshine, sea breeze and the simple way of life in a sleepy fishing village or you prefer to meet adventure head on, full of wild encounters with birds and beasts, water sports, hiking and camping or you’d rather opt for a luxurious holiday pampering yourself and discovering inner bliss, we’ve got you covered on all accounts.

Value for money

Our knowledge about the local culture, cordial rapport with the Sri Lankan leisure industry insiders and our penchant for providing first class services with ease enable us to provide our clients with travel experiences worth their while and the money they spend.


Our first priority is excellent client service and efficiency goes hand in hand with this particular trait. It is our extensive know-how, our innate love of travel and our in depth understanding of each traveler’s needs that help us cater to each and every requirement in no time with an eye for even the minute detail.