Why Travel With Lakpura

Designed for you

We are in our element when we design tailor-made tour packages because we relate to your thirst for adventure and desire to add your own signature mark to your journey. We design our trips around your own interests and schedule, ensuring that you experience a journey as distinctive as you are as a person. We give prominence to client servicing and before we set about organizing your holiday package, we take into account your wishes and your budget. Our extensive experience and resourcefulness come in handy when we organize tours and facilities designed to suit each group or individual traveller.

Lakpura signature services

Our travel specialists constantly travel the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, exploring every nook and corner of this treasure trove and discovering new adventures. This is our secret and this is what will make your journey with us worth your while.

Whether you like to spend your vacation at a leisurely pace, soaking up sunshine, sea breeze and the simple way of life in a sleepy fishing village or you prefer to meet adventure head on, full of wild encounters with birds and beasts, water sports, hiking and camping or you’d rather opt for a luxurious holiday pampering yourself and discovering inner bliss, we’ve got you covered on all accounts.

Value for money

Our knowledge about the local culture, cordial rapport with the Sri Lankan leisure industry insiders and our penchant for providing first class services with ease enable us to provide our clients with travel experiences worth their while and the money they spend.


Our first priority is excellent client service and efficiency goes hand in hand with this particular trait. It is our extensive know-how, our innate love of travel and our in depth understanding of each traveler’s needs that help us cater to each and every requirement in no time with an eye for even the minute detail.